London, Dec 12, 2016 – Digital Fineprint, an InsurTech startup that uses social media to help insurers reach more consumers have just closed its $400k seed investment round. InsurTech VC fund Eos Venture Partners and a group of industry angel investors including Carl Bauer (co-head of Financial Institutions Group at JP Morgan), Stephan Apel (VP at Merrill Lynch) and Shailesh Rao (VP at Twitter and Google) have all invested in the round.

“After we partnered with Allianz and began helping consumers find the right insurance policy using social media data, we turned to Eos Venture Partners to help with our fundraising. It has been an exhilarating journey, and we are all grateful and excited for the hard work Sam and his team has put in.” says Erik Abrahamsson, the founder of Digital Fineprint.


Digital Fineprint’s core team.

The startup was recently accepted into the FCA Innovation Hub, which helps innovative startups with consumer-friendly propositions navigate the regulatory landscape. Digital Fineprint is post-product and post-revenue after successful pilots with Hiscox, Allianz and four other major insurers.

Sam Evans from Eos Venture Partners has previously invested in a number of InsurTech startups including RightIndem and Neos. The investment fund has also partnered with StartupBootcamp Insurtech, in order to provide early stage funding for the most promising InsurTech startups.

Digital Fineprint was started by a group of graduate students at Oxford University, and went on to win “Best Startup in the UK” at the Grad Factor Awards. It was later selected as one of the five most promising startups for Allianz Global Accelerator. After this recognition, the company moved its headquarters from Oxford to London, to be closer to its client base of insurers.

To learn more about Digital Fineprint, visit or email [email protected]

For more information on Eos Venture Partners, visit

Digital Fineprint is an InsurTech startup that uses social media help users find the right insurance policy. After starting at Oxford University and winning Best Startup in the UK, Allianz selected the company for its in-house global Accelerator. Apart from Allianz, Digital Fineprint is also working with Hiscox and four other major insurers to bring the power of social media into the insurance industry. In December 2016, the company announced a $400k seed round led by Eos Venture Partners, and InsurTech focused VC firm.

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