Get rewarded on your insurance policy when you Walk, Run or Cycle!

Get rewarded on your insurance policy when you Walk, Run or Cycle!
We are transforming the manner in which insurance products are distributed.

WeSavvy believes in delivering a superior customer experience while also increasing the levels of engagement between our Members and the Financial Services Provider.

Our Mission:
We believe in delivering insurance as a vehicle for personal and social empowerment!
We are creating a new insurance industry model, one that focuses on the customer in its entirety and places an emphasis on the customer’s lifestyle and prioritising the enhancement of their goals. We have made it our mission to innovate and push the boundaries of insurance industry by helping it to transition from a mere model of indemnification to one of prevention and loss control.
WeSavvy’s objective is to encourage customers to increase their activity levels and improve their overall health and wellbeing by tracking their daily/weekly activity on the WeSavvy App and unlock rewards on good health. Together customers can transform how insurance products work for them and can also considerably improve their health and wellbeing.

WeSavvy’s mHealth movement aims to give back the power to those who want to make a positive change. Join our community and play a part in the revolution!