Raxel Telematics

Telematics service provider for automotive insurance.

Telematics service provider for automotive insurance.

Raxel Telematics is one of the leading telematics service providers for automated insurance, ride-sharing and taxi services in Singapore, Central and Eastern Europe.

The company’s scoring model is based on analyzed data from over 100 million driven kilometers, and thousands of accidents. This allows its experts to precisely estimate risks for any driver.

Raxel Telematics’ predictive scoring assesses actual drivers’ behaviors and risks to improve insurance pricing, enhance customer retention, reward low-risk drivers, reduce claim frequency and processing costs, and offers personalized revenue-generating, value-added services to end users.

Thanks to the high predictive power of Raxel’s scoring model, the technologies can be a major part of independent quality control for ride-sharing and transportation companies, which can significantly improve the safety of drivers and their passengers.

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  • Slogan Telematics service provider for automotive insurance.
  • Founded 2013
  • Listing categories Startups
  • Tags (Startup) b2b, telematics
  • Location / Region Asia / Russia
  • Address Moskow