Raxel Telematics

We unlock powerful insights of telematics data

By combining advanced analytics with the power of our telematics data, we unlock powerful insights that lead to remarkable results for companies aspiring to solve challenging problems and improve their products’ performance and customer satisfaction
What is it?
*Our cutting-edge IoT platform and Mobile telematics engine (SDK) are an advanced technology. They contain proprietary technology that accurately records hundreds of thousands of data points and employ algorithms to enhance and analyze mobility data. It is low-cost, flexible and adaptive, adaptive solutions can be used either as a standalone solution or embedded within an existing app.
*Unlike other providers, our smartphone telematics technology solves many challenges of traditional telematics data collection.
*Raxel Telematics’ predictive scoring assesses actual drivers’ behaviours and risks to improve insurance pricing, enhance customer retention, reward low-risk drivers, reduce claim frequency and processing costs, and offers personalized revenue-generating, value-added services to end users
*Our comprehensive scoring models and analytic products were developed by scientists, actuaries and underwriters
For whom:
*Raxel Telematics provides automobile, insurance, car service industries with valuable data and insights to better understand their customers in order to improve their product offerings, expand their customer base and promote efficiencies so that they remain relevant and competitive in light of changing customer demands.
*Strategically headquartered in Singapore, our business is built with the Asian consumers in mind. Our products and pricing models are designed for companies in both developed and developing markets in Asia and beyond.