Believe your eyes

Photocert makes the insurance claim management process faster, accurate and transparent.

Photocert solution allows to legally certify the photos taken with a mobile device and guarantees their authenticity since the moment of the shot.

Photocert certifies date, time, GPS Location and source device of each shot.

Easy to integrate into an insurance company app, it is the innovative photo certification technology for real-time, automated claim reporting.

Thanks to Photocert the claim life-cycle is shorter, with an improved decision-making process at First Notice of Loss (FNOL).

Photocert solution helps prevent fraud as the insurance company can trust the pictures uploaded by the customers with no need to verify their authenticity nor doubt about the real date of the shot.

With an entirely mobile driven experience, Photocert leverages a customer centric approach, empowering the customers and making claim reporting time and cost effective.