The Smart Insurance Platform.

The Smart Insurance Platform.

OutShared offers the in-house developed and built CynoSure digital insurance platform in a SAAS solution. CynoSure is a digital insurance solution from the back-office system-of-record to front-end web and app interfaces. Cynosure has been developed for both new market offerings and the renovation of established operations migrated to the platform.

From system administration (CynoCtrl) and analytics (CynoLytics), through customer services (CynoAssist) and campaign management (CynoSell) to document management (CynoDocs) and claims processing (CynoClaim).

CynoSure is a 100% service-oriented software platform connected through web services. With this architecture insurance providers build from established CynoSure web services out-of-the-box, or integrate with their established architecture. CynoSure brings established third-party partners to the table, but remains open to interfacing with local or in-house content providers. Services can be built from real-time or overnight interfaces with external price comparison sites, insurance premium calculators, claims handling, risk assessors etc.