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netinsurer – Smarter . Better . Faster Insurance

It all started in the year 2014. Three entrepreneurs and friends got together to create something new. Something revolutionary and important. The ambitious Troika wanted nothing less than to change the insurance world and disrupt the way we think of insurances. So much for the theory.

After lines of code, about 5.395 litres of coffee, a direct-dial to our favourite pizza delivery guy and about 5 million hours of working through red tape, it was finally done. We launched our InsurTech startup on Dec 15th 2015.

We called our baby and proudly raised it to be the smart and transparent online-insurance platform we always dreamed it will be. Soon, our baby learned to walk by itself and the count of babysitters continuously grew. Like all fledgling parents, we proudly bragged about our baby, showed pictures to those who wanted to see them and those who didn’t.

The result was a lot of congratulations and positive feedback. But we also received many requests by those who wanted what we have and needed help. Since sharing is caring, we happily agreed to help and developed the next project. We created As the first port of call for online-insurance software, we are now glad to consult and help our customers. We are looking forward to your call!