Personal insurance coverage in seconds.

INZMO is a mobile app where you get any personal insurance in seconds.

Insurance industry sucks at targeting the most important generation, who is going to dominate the insurance market in the years to come – the 1,7 bil millennials of the world.
To millennials, insurance is boring and time-consuming. At the same time millennials spend 90% of their time online and 85% of them own a smart phone.
INZMO enables you to get any personal insurance in seconds. No matter if you insure your motor-vehicles, smart devices, household, next trip or anything that is valuable to you.
Not only have we created an excellent user experience, but we also help insurance companies to become more effective by reducing the costs of sales and administration and reducing the risk of insurance fraud. Every time you insure your items in INZMO, you are asked to make a 5 second video of the insured item.
This means not only better business to insurance companies, but lower premiums to our customers.