Blockchain enabled Admin Automation Platform for Finance Industry.

InsureVite brings fast, easy and convenient financial services to customers.

Using the blockchain, AI technology remote signatory technologies, InsureVite helps insurers reduce IT and administrative costs and helps agents, brokers and intermediaries reduce their administrative workload.

InsureVite is the winner of AIA Blockchain POC Challenge 2017 and Global top 21 for SBC Amsterdam 2017.

InsureVite is the future of the insurance industry, improving productivity, efficiency and speed, driving down costs and improving the insurance experience of our customers with better customer service.

Data, transactions and forms are hashed and secured on our blockchain server, and only authorised persons are given access to certain “blocks” of information. This ensure security and accuracy of information and prevents fraudulent activities.

Our AI algorithms helps insurers in detecting fraudulent activities can conduct Know-Your-Customer checks when a new submission is submitted.