Global Warning System

Changing Travel Security

GWS provides Risk Management services focus on prevention through information and real-time alerts, which is delivered to mobile phones globally.

The new GWS Software Developers Kit (Safeture Flow) means that companies can simply integrate our service into their existing app.

We work to keep our users safe by providing them with well-researched advice. Our content includes travel risk information for over 210 countries, which keeps travelers out of harms way.

When an incident occurs our 24/7 analysis team assesses the event within minutes. Users within the risk area receive an alert, either in-app or via SMS. GWS’s geolocation engine ensures that relevant, context-based, real-time alerts are sent to our users. We pride ourselves in sending the right information at the right time.

Our real-time pointcasting system uses SMS, which has a lower latency and higher user attention than normal push messages. Our alerts are routinely much faster than our competitors.

The insurance business has traditionally found it difficult to build and maintain a continuous relationship with their customers.

GWS provides content that users trust, which keeps users connected and close. Our content holds the attention of travelers, and solves one of the traditional problems for insurance companies. GWS’s service works to establish contact with customers, as well as build engagement and increased interactions. Safeture allows insurance companies to stay in direct contact with their customer base.

On average customers interact with insurers 1.5 times a year, but with GWS that can increase to 57 times a year.

GWS can help insurers give their customers more value and a greater customer experience. All of this by providing travel protection and peace of mind. Safeture has many benefits for the insurance industry, our service is cost effective, and helps keep claims and processing costs down.

The Insurance industry is in the process of silent upheaval. “Insurance” is a term that describes the impact of technology on the insurance business. New technologies will allow companies to learn more about what their customer want.

This information will lead to new products, and novel ways to deliver them. Digital and mobile technology will revolutionize concepts like “point of sale” and “on demand” in Insurance. But first, insurance companies need to build a bond with their customers over time.