The smart claim tendering platform.

The smart claim tendering platform.

Fixico was founded with the mission to crack the black box of car repair. We are reshaping the traditional car repair industry by creating transparency as means to reduce damage costs, claim cycle times and consequently customer satisfaction. Our online platform is used by international insurers, car and fleet-owners to quickly obtain, compare and select the best solution for cosmetic car damage repair.

Every month we enable thousands of car owners and decision makers to get price transparency and access to all relevant repair shop information such as the different service levels, repair techniques, warranty and user reviews.

Fixico is currently live in the Netherlands & (part of) Germany. We operate a network of 650+ high quality repair shops that place offers through a closed bidding system. By utilising repair shop workload in an innovative manner Fixico enables their clients to save significant amounts of time and up to 40% on total claim costs. We at Fixico are passionate, innovative, want to move fast and break things. With our team we aim for the best, challenge the status quo and enjoy growing Fixico every single day.

  • Address Amsterdam