Insurance for expats and international students quick and easy.

Insurance for expats and international students, quick and easy. – all online – in just 10 minutes!

It can be difficult and take time to deal with public authorities when apllying for insurance – with us you get it in less then 3 days!!! Everything is in English, nothing confusing or unknown.

And the best part… we are cheaper then the public insurance! But you still get a better coverage: you can go to private doctors and get your bills 100% refunded!

We offer several different insurances online:

  • Travel insurance
  • Health insurance for expats living in Austria
  • Health insurance for international students living in Austria
  • Accident insurance for internationals
  • Household insurances for shared apartments for Austrians and internationals

For car insurance, family health insurance, household insurance, and for other insurances we can give you a quote.

FeelSafe is:

  • Easy, understandable and transparent – none of the typical confusing insurance jargon
  • Buy your insurance online from the convenience of your home, any time you want through your phone or computer
  • Get your bill refunds quicker by just using our online refund button and taking a picture of your bill with your phone
  • Benefit from our community discounts by being a part of #feelslikehome
  • 100% accepted by authorities for your MA35 visa paperwork
  • Safety and security – we have more than 30 years of experience providing insurances