Comparity: Insurance Simplified

Comparity: Insurance Simplified.

We are an insurance technology company headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA, specializing in distribution of property and casualty lines for all carriers.

We use technology to streamline the process of comparing underwritten quotes for multiple lines of insurance (home, auto, umbrella, and more) across multiple companies, including brand name carriers that no one else compares.

Home Buyers like us because we give them anonymous access to the most carriers, a side-by-side comparison of underwritten quotes, and licensed, unbiased guidance when they need it.

Realtors and mortgage lenders send us business because we streamline a critical element in the closing process with fast, reliable, and trackable means of servicing their clients insurance needs — from loan application to proof of insurance.

Insurance agents partner with us because we send them engaged insurance shoppers who need to buy without any up front lead fees. Insurance agents pay us only when they win new business through COMPARITY