Protecting the future of every family

BIMA is a high-growth tech player disrupting the global insurance industry by bringing mobile-delivered insurance and health services to low-income families. We have already reached over 20 million customers with thriving operations in 14 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America. Our groundbreaking approach combines our innovative tech platform with a customer-cantered approach to product design and a dedicated sales team of over 3,500 agents delivering market-leading levels of consumer eduction. The BIMA model has transformed the insurance landscape in the markets where we operate, proving that it is possible to reach consumers at the bottom of the pyramid at scale. Insurance is a powerful tool that can transform the lives of low-income families. These people are at the highest risk of illness and injury, and they feel the financial impact of these shocks immediately. Insurance can prevent their family from falling back into poverty. 93% of BIMA’s customers live on less than $10 per day and 80 – 95% have never had access to other insurance. We are extremely proud that our innovation is driving financial and digital inclusion in these markets. Check out our site to learn more about BIMA, our range of affordable insurance and health products, the high profile partners we work with (mobile operators, MFIs and NGOs) and our latest news.

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