Personalised, pay as you go life insurance - 100% digital, quick and easy

Death is awkward to talk about. But, leaving your family to struggle is worse. That’s why we created Bequest – an honest, dependable way to makes sure your loved ones are taken care of.

Want to clear your mortgage? Money for your princess to go to university?No problem. We’ll make sure your family gets a lump sum when you pass.

Bequest is the first, and only, life insurer to look after your digital assets too.

Not only is it a Digital Life Management Platform that lets you see and access all your online accounts, from online banking to your Instagram account, but it also lets you decide what happens to all these accounts when your family gets your payout.

Whether you want to delete or transfer your accounts, it’s as easy as the click of a button.

No Middleman = Cheaper Insurance
No broker. No middleman. No sales agent. And, no commission bumping up your payments. Because we got rid of the behind-the-scenes money sharing, you get the best value protection for you and your family.