AppSichern is a portal where you can conclude short-term insurances, additional insurances for concrete situations as well as niche products immediately online or mobile.

For example, if you want to give your car to a friend, even though it is only allowed to you, you can insure it with our third-party protection. The insurance is valid for 24 hours. It ends with expiration of the period and does not have to be terminated. If you want, you can extend it by simply conclude it again.

AppSichern have even more to offer besides the third-party protection. Under our offer, you will find an overview of our short-term insurances, which you can conclude conveniently via app, mobile and in the net.

AppSichern does always build on their offers, on the basis of requests from their customers or also within the framework of cooperation with third parties, which provides them with products which have not yet been slenderly closed on the net.

  • Person Lennart Wulff