InsurTech Gateway

The fastest place to build and launch your idea

The world’s first authorised InsurTech incubator, meets venture capital, with an entrepreneurial twist. The InsurTech Gateway is the fastest place to build and launch an InsurTech idea.

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The Gateway allows founders to retain more equity in their business as the time required to get authorisation, capacity and capital is reduced. In turn this decreases the need to raise frequently and risk further dilution.

We can get a business ideas into market, with real customers, in a matter of months, rather than the market average of 12 months plus, cutting the cost of entry from £1m to £200-300k, while dramatically cutting risk exposure.

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The InsurTech Gateway is a co-investment from Hambro Perks, Lumleys, and supported by a panel of Reinsurers and Angel Investors from the insurance sector.